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Sustainability Tips

Unsustainable human activities are destroying our oceans. Issues such as pollution, overfishing, oil drilling, and global warming need to be addressed if we want to keep our oceans healthy. If you’re not convinced, think about it this way: You can’t eat delicious seafood paella, barbecued oysters or grilled salmon if they’re all gone/poisoned. How upsetting would that be? Right?!

If you’re lazy like me, what is the easiest way to help out? Take action online with the following websites! It takes literally a minute of your time and can make a big difference.

The first thing we need to realize is that everything we do in our daily lives affects the planet in one way or another—just accept it, you know it’s true. There are several ways you can help by making simple, small changes in your daily routine. Here’s how I’ve been decreasing my ecological footprint—I wouldn’t tell you to do something unless I was doing it too!

  1. Use less plastic (or none at all). Never buy plastic water bottles if you can help it. It’s a waste of your money, because you can bring your own reusable bottle and fill it up for free! I take my own reusable, refillable bottles everywhere I go.
  2. Carpool or take public transit if possible, and never drive anywhere you can easily get to by biking or walking. 
  3. Bike or walk. It’s good for you.
  4. Eat less meat. This cuts out the fossil fuels and resources used to raise, process, and package animals for food. I’m not saying everyone needs to be a vegetarian or vegan, because if everyone ate veggies then we’d have no pigs/cows/chickens producing manure to grow crops.
  5. Shop at farmers markets and support local farms. This way, less fossil fuels are used for packaging and transportation.
  6. Bring reusable bags everywhere. I even bring these to the mall. Refuse single-use plastic bags. If you forget your bag, and paper bags are not an option, you can recycle plastic bags at some most grocery stores now. 
  7. Reduce, Reuse… Don’t get something brand new when you can get it cheaper at thrift stores. Also consider reusing  or repurposing something before trashing it. Also, donate your clothes or sell them to a consignment shop if they’re in good condition.
  8. Recycle! Plastic, aluminum cans, paper, glass. 
  9. Eat sustainable seafood. Know where your dinner came from, and how it was caught. Ask your waiter if the menu doesn’t say.
  10. Clean up your fishing gear. Fishing line takes 600 years to degrade. Random, little-known fact.
  11. Reduce electricity usage by unplugging electronics not in use, like lamps, cell phone chargers, toaster ovens, and even your computer. Not only are you saving electricity, but your electric bill will be cheaper too. Bonus!
  12. Write to your representatives. They will act in the interest of their constituents.

There are several other ways you can help too such as composting and taking action online (see top of page). Check out my blog posts categorized under “What You Can Do”

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