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Human Overpopulation

May 4, 2011
Wear a condom now… save the spotted owl.

The Center for Biological Diversity was handing these out at ISTS in April. They’re condom packages that feature various endangered species and provide information about humankind’s overpopulation of Earth and the trouble it has caused for various endangered species.
Humans are the most populous mammals on this planet, and we consume most of the natural resources available. We cut down trees that may have once been shelter for a tree frog, bird, beetle, monkey, or some other animal. We pollute bodies of water, home to dozens of species of fish, frogs, etc. We develop coastal areas for our own living, and destroy the nesting areas for sea turtles and the habitats of hundreds of other species. You get the picture.
As more and more of us populate the Earth, we are running out of resources for even ourselves. (See post on Earth Overshoot Day) So if you and your significant other are planning on having a hundred kids, please think again. Don’t have more than two (to replace you two). Even better, adopt.
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