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A Trip to Hawaii – 2011

April 25, 2011
The first full day we were in Hawai’i my dad, my brothers and I jumped on a boat and went off to scuba. I was SCUBA open water certified in Hawai’i, and the only other location where I’ve scuba dived is Breakwater in Monterey, CA. Where it is cold. And the vis was terrible. And the conditions were overall horrible. Maybe future experiences will make up for that one day.
 Me, my bros, and my cousin all ready for a day of scuba!
 The most amazing, coolest, awesomest, inspiring thing I’ve ever done in my life: night dive with manta rays. They are so graceful and beautiful my breath was completely taken away. Just be sure they don’t swim right at your head and nearly take your mask off.
My family and I dove with 13 mantas, the largest measured 16 feet wide!
 And on Earth Day I took a picture of my blue marble next to the beautiful ocean 🙂
And I got to see some cute little green sea turtles!
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