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How I Reduced My Plastic Consumption Today!

March 4, 2011

This event came in perfect timing after my last post about the movie Bag It.

I managed to get some grocery shopping done today, and the first thing on my list was granola. I was at Whole Foods, my favorite place in the world, and walked down the cereal aisle grabbing a bag of Galaxy Granola—which is totally delicious by the way—realizing that it was in a plastic bag but not seeing anything that I could do about it. Or so I thought!
On the left is the bag of granola I ended up getting! Same brand as the one on the right but no plastic packaging!

The next aisle over they had rows and rows of chopped nuts, dried fruits, chocolate-covered goodies, grains, and GRANOLA in self serve boxes, sold by the pound. I literally stood there for 15 minutes deciding whether I wanted to buy the granola in a plastic bag, or scoop out a pound of it myself and not have to waste plastic.

Finally, I decided to put the bag back and scooped out some unpackaged granola (SAME BRAND—Galaxy Granola!!) into a paper bag I was reusing from a previous trip to Whole Foods. It ended up weighing 1.15 lbs, which at $4.99/lb came out to be $5.73 or something like that. I can’t remember what the pre-packaged Galaxy Granola cost (it was around $5). However, a single bag of Galaxy Granola only contains 0.75 lbs of granola (12 oz).

In the end, I definitely paid less for more, and didn’t use plastic!


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